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BFA Programme in Wood Oriented
Furniture Design, Bachelors Degree
The Wood Oriented Furniture Design programme is
designed for you, who want to work with furniture
design using an exploratory and conceptual approach
to materials, innovation and sustainable development
in both small and large contexts.
The program offers the opportunity to explore wood
as a material and its part and interaction with
furniture, space and our senses.
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Timber Product Technology,
Bachelors Degree
A degree in Timber Product Technology at Dublin
Institute Of Technology can lead to a range of
careers in the timber-related sectors of the
furniture and construction industries. These
include furniture manufacturer, joiner, operations
or drawing office manager in a timber factory,
timber specifier, timber consultant, and secondary
school woodwork teacher.
Dublin Institute of Technology
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Timber Contruction Energy
Efficient Buildings,
Executive Master Degree
The afp (Academy for Professionals), a further
education institution of the Technical University
of Rosenheim, offers all those interested the
opportunity to expand their specific expertise.
The expertise of the professors of the Rosenheim
University of Applied Sciences as well as external
lecturers is communicated with both classical
methods and e-learning (learning modules).
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Wood Building and Construction,
Bachelors Degree
The Wood Building and Construction course
provides interdisciplinary education that prepares
students for various areas of employment.
In addition to teaching the basics of natural
sciences, the course focuses on the following
Wood construction, statics
Planning and production engineering
Building physics, building chemistry
Materials science
Building technology
Operations management and corporate planning
Construction site management, building law
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Bachelor’s Degree Programme
in Wood Technology,
Bachelors Degree, Masters Degree
Students on the Wood Technology course
learn all the processes involved in the
industrial wood processing industry, from
product development through to planning
production processes. The following subjects
form the four core areas of the course:
Materials, construction, product development
Production technology, production optimisation
Production organisation and business administration
Mechanical engineering and automation
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Forest Products Technology
& Timber Construction,
Bachelors Degree
With their expertise in the technological,
economic and planning areas, students are
trained in the course Forest Products Technology
& Timber Construction to use their specific
competence on the material wood in all areas
of timber and timber construction and related
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Wood technology,
Masters Degree
Timber Design is the key concept in the
program, courses are designed to provide core
competencies strongly linked to the production
of environmentally sustainable and economically
competitive products made of wood. You can choose
between three subjects to specialize in;
Timber Design, Wood Material Development
and Modification or Process Development.
Beside an academic career as a scientist
can typical employers be found among the
industrial builders, manufacturer of building
component, joinery industry, sawmill industry
and manufacturers of machine and measurement
technology systems.
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Timber Architektural
Design and Technology,
Bachelors Degree
Develop the technical and commercial
awareness needed to work as a design professional
within the timber building industry.
This programme is designed for graduates in
architecture, architectural technology,
engineering or related disciplines, who want
to become part of the growing international
move towards innovative and high-performance
timber building.
The multi-disciplinary programme will equip
students to work as a design professional within
the timber sector – one of the fastest growing
parts of the building industry in many countries.
UK, Edinburg Napier University, School of
Engineering and the Built Environmental
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Wood Technology,
Bachelor of Engineering
The Degree Programme in Wood Technology
combines theory, manual craftsmanship and
practice-oriented projects appropriately in
cooperation with leading companies in the
During the programme, you will familiarise
yourself with the wood products industry’s
production methods, design required in product
development, as well as new working methods
useful in working life. You will gain workplace
experience in projects, which are carried out
in close cooperation with companies –
potentially with your future employer. The
cooperation projects are great opportunities,
which you should take advantage of. Research
and innovations enable you, while still
studying, to build your own future and that
of the sector and Finland as a whole.
Lahti University of Applied Sciences
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Timber Product Technology,
Bachelors Degree
Timber Product Technology suits students
who love timber and wish to develop that
interest into a successful career.
The programme provides knowledge and skills
for those that wish to manufacture,
specify or sell timber products whether based
in a small workshop or large company.
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Sustainable Forestry,
Bachelors Degree
“Forest is Life” is the main idea for studies in
the study programme “Sustainable Forestry”. There is
a forest all around us. It is a green treasure with
a large potential of providing different
type of benefits and resources for society and
Latvia, Latvia University of Life
Sciences and Technologies
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Wood Materials and Technology,
Doctoral Degree
The aim of the study programme is to prepare
highly qualified scientists for sub-sector of
Material sciences – Wood Materials and Technology,
thus stimulating development of the engineering
industry of wood materials and technologies.
Doctoral students will get an extended knowledge
of the latest findings about wooden materials and
technologies, methods of studies, information
processes and use of results of research. Doctoral
students of this programme obtain skills to carry
out the research, to summarize, analyse and use
the acquired knowledge in sphere of wooden materials
and technologies, as well to prepare publications
for national and international level scientific
Latvia, Latvia University of Life
Sciences and Technologies
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Civil Construction and Real Estate
Management, Masters Degree
The aim of the masters study programme
“Civil Construction and Real Estate Management”
is to educate entrepreneurs and managers, paying
particular attention to the acquisition of high-quality
recent developments in the fields of civil construction
and real estate development and management that will
enable specialists not only to carry out scientific and
pedagogical work, but also to work at municipalities,
state institutions, financial and insurance firms,
commercial companies, non-governmental, international
and national organizations, which operate in the fields
of civil construction and real estate.
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