Learning/ Teaching/ Training Activities

C1. Intensive training course for teachers

21st–23rd January, VIA University College, Horsens, Denmark

To improve knowledge of teachers in sustainable public wooden buildings’ design, construction and management as well as competences in innovative teaching methodology by problem-based learning, learning by doing and blended learning approaches, intensive training course and workshop for teachers was organised. In total 15 teachers participated in the course.

C2. Intensive learning course for students

23rd April – 2nd May, Coventry University, Coventry, UK

The intensive learning course took place for 10 days. The basis of the course was formed around the education methodologies “problem-based learning”, “learning by doing” and “blended learning”. This led to the transfer of innovative educational practices, where critical thinking, problem solving and flexibility were implemented in multicultural group work. 31 first cycle (BSc/BA) students participated in the course. Students developed proposals for the client for the new museum project of Austin-Healey British sports cars to be situated next to the existing factory using as much timber materials as possible.

C3. Intensive teaching activities

23rd April – 2nd May, Coventry University, Coventry, UK

International group of 21 teachers from participating HEIs and enterprises delivered lectures and provided consultations for project work of students. Professional background of teachers was different (architecture, architectural technology, structural design, civil engineering, construction technology and management), thus transnational and trans-disciplinary content of the course was ensured. Teachers delivered lectures on team building exercises, PBL, soils/foundations/materials, design considerations/concept /precedence, construction process and site management, timber options, building services, structure (sizing) – Eurocodes, fire and humidity control, costings, life cycle analysis, sustainability/multiple criteria assessment, BREEAM principles.